Russell McVeigh

Web Development Media Branding
+44 (0)7880 577085

I specialise in designing and building web sites and applications from spec to launch. My full-stack skills range from sysadmin and server configuration (Linux, Apache) through to designing, wireframing and building the front and back-end using PHP, Python, Django, MySQL/SQL, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I'm proficient in object-oriented programming (OOP), responsive design and working with custom APIs, XML, JSON, cURL and nodejs. I can also set up domains and hosting environments, ranging from simple brochure sites to complex applications.

If this is your first online venture, I can help you understand the jargon, dismiss the nonsense and work out exactly what your needs are without any hard sell. To get more complex or formal projects off the ground, I can assist in the preparation of functional and technical specifications after an initial consultation. I'm also happy to build prototypes and work with existing codebase. I've designed and coded for numerous blue chip and public sector organisations, yet I'm just as eager to undertake work for individuals and smaller outfits.

My rates start from £150 per day, although I'm happy to quote for piece-work. All my work is concisely commented and rigorously tested before handover and deployment.

Web Development, UI & UX

There's an overwhelming amount of discussion about User Interface and User Experience, but it essentially boils down to a handful of key disciplines: a heightened and focused awareness of the user's needs and expectations; a strong knowledge and optimal usage of the technologies available; providing the most logical route to displaying content and recording user feedback; and delivering the desired outcomes.

Brand Design

Everything about your brand is carefully considered and planned, from conception through to publication and going live on your chosen channels. Tasks include logo design (based on studied aspects of your business or project), naming, typography, visual and linguistic impression, developing colour palettes and preparing social networking graphic sets. Documentation for brand guidelines and implementation can also be provided on request. An initial one hour telephone consultation is free of charge. I do not provide off-the-shelf logos.

CMS, DAM & eCommerce

Whether it's WordPress, Drupal, Magento or another system, I can configure, deploy and extend a wide range of content management systems, blogs, e-commerce systems and bulletin boards. I'm also a dab-hand at designing and building custom WordPress themes and plug-ins. I'm happy to assist folks that wish to migrate away from so-called 'web builders' such as Mr. Site and Wix. I've also worked with enterprise DAM systems for the last 15 years.

W3C Specialist

I have over fifteen years' experience developing strictly compliant public sector applications and web sites. Whether it's W3C validation or triple-A accessibility ratings you're after, I've got the skills and experience to make your projects work flawlessly in every combination of OS, device, browser and screenreader.

AV Media Creation

As an early adopter and educational leader in music technology, I have the skills to create broadcast quality audio and video content. As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and orchestrator I can write, record and produce jingles, sonic trademarks and original compositions for television, web and radio. I can also capture, edit and produce HD and 4K video.

Back-Office Migration

I've helped numerous businesses move their operations from traditional and costly office scenarios to online digital environments. Using a combination of free and open-source applications such as Magento, DropBox, Drupal, WordPress, Mailchimp and Odoo, a secure, fully-featured online workplace can be realised with massively decreased overheads and vastly improved workflows.

SMS Applications

I've delivered dozens of real-world SMS information, marketing and advertising campaigns. I can build you custom SMS portals or custom SMS software within days, hook it into your contacts list (or build you an application to create one) and have you sending and receiving text messages to over 200 countries before you can say...beep! beep!

Marketing & Print Design

To provide a seamless brand across both the virtual and real marketplace, I can develop brand stationery, email (e.g. Mailchimp) and postal campaigns for your business and provide you with high-resolution, print-ready artwork in most popular formats. I can also help you source a reliable printer in your area and deal with them directly to save you the time and hassle.

Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding the complex interaction between different sites and visitors on the internet - and more importantly, how search engines such as Google interpret these - can provide enormous insight when developing a marketing strategy for the web. I'm confident that my mark-up and methods can slice through the noise and achieve first class rankings.

In addition to the obvious cost savings, using open-source code has many benefits: a large and helpful support community, thousands of off-the-shelf projects ranging from simple shopping-carts to full back-office frameworks, and the ability to pick 'n' mix the components and code to suit your custom requirements.

Python logo

A robust general-purpose language often used to replace outmoded PHP systems. Python's design philosophy focuses on code readability.

MongoDB logo

A multi-purpose database that stores records in a JSON-like structure. Fast, portable, platform-independent and easy to read.

Django and Gunicorn logos

An open-source Python-based web framework that encourages clean and logical design. Gunicorn is a free Python-based web server for UNIX.

PHP logo

The classic object-oriented server-side language that allows the masses to roll their own complex web applications. Used by almost 80% of all known websites.

MySQL logo

The open-source version of Microsoft's SQL database. Working together, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP underpin a large portion of the web.

Apache logo

The legendary and ubiquitous open-source, cross-platform web server. Used by over 40% of all known websites on the internet.

HTML logo

HTML is the mark-up language for designing websites and layouts. Generally used with CSS and JavaScript.

CSS logo

Now in its 3rd manifestation, CSS is the style language that dresses and transforms the web.

JavaScript logo

One of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. Incredibly versatile, its uses range from animations to fully-blown applications and mobile games.