If you're an individual or small business, managing the content on your website shouldn't cost you money. You've already paid for your domain name, your web space and the web design itself. Wouldn't it be nice to simply change things whenever you wanted to - without having to call a technician, designer or administrator to try and implement your changes?

Roll Your Own

With NetStepper, you're always given the option of having a bespoke CMS built for your website. Doing things this way means that YOU decide which sections of your website need to be updated and HOW you wish to change them. Common tasks might include:

  • Creating and updating text content
  • Publishing regular news stories
  • Managing an online store
  • Updating tabular data such Excel, XML etc.
  • Uploading, editing and displaying images
  • Uploading and managing files and documents
  • Accessing and editing the core website files
  • Administrating/authenticating any additional users
  • Managing any add-ons such as guestbooks or galleries
  • Accessing detailed statistics about your website's visitors

Web Development

  • Brochure & Flash Website Design
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Business Solutions

  • Branding and Corporate ID
  • Custom SMS Portals and Campaigns
  • Stationery and Print Work
  • Desktop Software Development
  • CD/DVD Replication

Multimedia Production

  • Video for Web (FLV)
  • Video Editing/DVD Production
  • Streaming Media
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Web-based MP3 encoding
Client Logos